The Final Cup.

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I have finished watching the Coffee Prince. What can I say? I love it. And I love Gong Yoo, too. Hehe. Now I feel kinda sad that I don’t have something to look forward to anymore. I am wishing for a part 2. Or I’ll just probaby watch it over again. :D But I’ve read that Gong Yoo has been enlisted for the army thus he can not join the sequel, if ever there’s going to be one. If that is the case, wala na lang sequel. Bwahahahaha!


I just have to snag this pic from Aggie. I didn’t actually find him that attractive at first, but I got to like him as I watch the series. Hahaha. Pathetic ba?

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  1. Pia says:

    Waah! Tapos ka na, samantalang ako gigil na gigil na sa TV! Bibili na din ako DVD hehehe!

    Tsaka gusto ko din yang photo na yan! hahaha! Ano ba itong nangyayari sa akin?!

    Btw, di ba 3 1/2 na si Estong by June? Di pa ba siya formal school? Sa Toddlers Unlimited mo ba siya papasok? Everyday class ba yung sa Festival? Sorry dami ko tanong. IIlan lang kasi tayong from the South eh.

    Thanks Alpha!

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  2. Aggie says:

    *apir* :)
    Marami ako clips from the soompi forums about his commercials, interviews, lahat lahat na ROFL. Ako ang pathetic LOL :) :) :) I even listed to the songs. Kainis.

    Nice ung story no?

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